Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LED light strip really portable?

YES! Illuminate "any" space! NO OUTLET PLUG NEEDED. Placing a 9V battery inside our battery box gives you countless hours of bright illuminated LED fun. LED lights draw very minimal power so the 9V battery lasts over 100 hours. Simply use the on/off switch located on the side of our battery box to turn the kit on and off.

Is it easy to install?

YES! Anybody can do it. Just bend it, cut it, stick it and click it. So simple!

Is it waterproof?

The LED light strip itself is waterproof. The battery box and tape is water resistant, and should not be submerged to water.

Can I modify the size of the LED light strip?

YES! If your application doesn’t call for 96cm (3.14ft)/96 bulb product, no worries. You can cut down our product every 3 centimeter/3 bulbs to accommodate any length.