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Multi-Colored Flat LED Strip Instructions

Hi and welcome to Each multi-colored Flat LED light Strip package includes:
– One 96cm (3.14ft)/96 bulb RGB Multi-Colored flat LED light strip
– One RGB Multi-color controller
– Our 3M two way tape
– and a battery box with velcro for easy mount

Our multi-colored Flat LED light Strip is very bright and illuminates in just about every color you can imagine. From bright white, pink, blue, red, purple, green and more. The controller has 3 buttons: The mode button, the speed/brightness button and the color button.
There are several settings on the mode button. You can select just a solid color and just leave that color constant. Or select to have that color fade in and out, or to have multiple colors fade in and out.
You can set the mode to 1 color just flashing or set it to show each color flash once, and then show the next color. The settings on the mode button are endless. The speed/brightness button gives our multi-colored Flat Strip even more control. Increasing or slowing down the features on the mode button. So weither you want to display multi-colored lights or 1 solid light, the multi-colored Flat strip may be the choice for you.

The multi-colored Flat strip itself is waterproof. The battery box and tape is water resistant, and should not be submurged to water. However, here’s a trick. I’ve used vasoline to fill the battery box and was able to submurge it completely. You could also put silicone inside the battery box, switch and also the screw hole in the back of the battery box. If your application doesn’t call for 96cm (3.14ft)/96 bulb product, no worries. You can cut down our product every 3 centimeter/3 bulbs to accomodate any length.

Just like we did here. These 3 shorted strips are obviously not 96 bulbs nor 96 centimeters (3.14ft). They were cut to fit other applications so we’re showing you this as an option. I really like the way the packaging is on the flat strip. It’s wrapped around a spool and placed in an electrostatic bag. It’s got a label on it and the multi color buttons that represent the multi color strip. It’s pretty simple to use, very simple to plug in. It’s a great product. You can use it for just about any application. And the coolest thing about it is it’s portable so it goes anywhere.

Alright, have a great day and light it up!



Flexible Silicone LED Strip Instructions


Hello, our Flexible Silicone LED light Strip package includes:
– One 96cm/96 bulb single color bright strip
– 3M two way tape
– and a battery box with velcro for easy mount

Our Flexible Silicone strip comes in pink, red, white, green and blue. These colors are illuminated in one solid bright constant color. This product is very flexible, and may be applied much differently than our multi-color flat strip where the flat strip can’t be used, this product takes over.

The flexible silicone strip can be submurged in water. The battery box cannot be submerged in water. It is only water resistant. If your application doesn’t call for a 96cm (3.14ft)/96 bulb product, no worries, you can cut down our product every 3 centimeters/3 bulbs to accomodate any length. So as you can see, these are very flexible. I mean, you can turn them, you can cut them every 3 centimeters or every 3 bulbs, you’ll see spot in there clearly where you can cut them. So if you make a mistake and the last bulb won’t light up, just cut it off and the rest will.

But again, very flexible, it can go to just about any direction, you know and they bend, they’re very pliable. What I do when I open one of these up, is I’d lay it flat on its side or unwind it, lay it flat on its side and let it sit for a while. Even in the sun is good, because it heats up quick and then it’s just, because it’s round in the package so you know, you gotta give it time. I mean it’s easier for me to install when it sits flat for a bit. Because like I said, it’s in the package for a while. Alright have a great day, Light It Up!