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I bought two LED light kits the other day. Multi-colored and one blue one. Each one fit on my bicycle differently so I bought both to get the most light on my bike. Man, they really work. lol. You can even see them at dusk really well. I was surprised how bright they were. Pretty easy to install. Thanks!

I live in a gated community in south Florida for the winter. We all get around by golf carts here. I was really excited to get the pink lights for my cart. Now everyone can see me when I am coming down the road and I love it! Pink is my favorite color. Thanks for the extra business cards I will be sure to hand them out to anyone loving my lights!!!

Omg ! Thank you so much. Can I tell you we ski at camelback in Pa , I get stopped so many times and I tell them your website they loved the lights I'll keep promoting your company love my board lit up... Fran

WOW! I went snow skiing with lights on and kids on chairlift were yelling down at me *#@*** SWEET! I got to bottom of hill and swarmed with people asking me where did you get them and I got 2 girls phone numbers lol.

I bought two colored lights one blue for my snow board and one green for my bike and they work great! All my friends are asking where they can buy them! I can't wait to get a few other colors to light up all my other toyz! You Rock!

I bought a multicolor strip and put it on my golf cart. I LOVE the multiple modes! Sometimes I fade through colors and other times I just ride around with my favorite color setting myself and my passengers in a warm glow! I'm the envy of all my friends!

I LOVE these lights! I used one set under my kitchen island and now I have an awesome under light that I can change to whatever color I like. I also used one under the bottom step of my RV which looks amazing, and even wove one through my Christmas table centerpiece! I can't wait to get more to include with my grandkids Christmas presents this year! 5 stars!!!!

I bought 3 of those multi color LED lights and used them at a party I was having. I put them under the couch and created an awesome mood lighting. It was beautiful and received many compliments. It was very easy to setup too!

My grandson absolutely loved the blue LED light I bought him. He installed the lights on his bike and rode around the neighborhood. It was dark and the lights were really bright. He received many compliments from neightbors and he sure enjoyed that. This makes the perfect birthday gift. Now he wants the green one so I'll have to get him those too :) Wonderful product.

Marie Thompson

Bought Our Blue LEDs

The multicolored lights are awesome. I lit up my kids bikes for them. NIce thing is you can put those lights on any color. Solid or multi color. I had to cut one of them down to fit properly on my little girls bike. The kids are having so much fun with them. After mapping out our bikes I just reordered three more for the wife and I. Two for my bike and one will fit on hers. lol

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